4 Dolphins Make PFF’s Team of the Week

While Miami Dolphins fans all know what a great game the Phins had last week, they may be surprised (pleasantly) to learn that 4 Miami players made PFF’s Team of the Week for Week 10.

Pro Football Focus (PFF) ranks all players at each position every week and puts together a “Team of the Week” consisting of the top players at each position.   Players really have to be in control of their game to make this “team” because PFF uses advanced analytics and looks at every play a player makes to come up with their grades.

After all the doubts from the sports world going into the Chargers game, it is nice to see that not only did the Dolphins win, 4 of their players were recognized as best at their position for Week 10:


Ryan Tannehill

Leading the Team of the Week and ranked as the #1 QB in the league for Week 10 is the guy our fans love to hate, Ryan Tannehill.   According to PFF he had  “one of the throws of the season”  and they were highly impressed (as we all should be) at how he played under pressure against the Chargers with his “passer rating under pressure coming in at a ludicrous 137.5—more than 10.0 points higher than when he wasn’t under duress.”

These accolades along with how fun it was to watch Tannehill play last week should make even the doubters start to feel good about our “franchise” quarterback.

Wide Receiver

DeVante Parker

While DeVante Parker has been largely missing in terms of impact so far this season, he showed up in a big way last week.  The receiver that was brought to the team to be a playmaker was exactly that, catching 5 of 8 passes for 103 yards. He even broke 2 tackles to gain extra yardage.  Parker was the exciting, big play weapon that the Dolphins have been needing him to be and in doing so lead the league as a receiver for week 10.

Defensive Tackle

On the defensive of the ball, the Dolphins had two players make the Team of the Week.  Ndamukong Suh and Earl Mitchell both mad the team, being the top 2 defensive tackle in the league for Week 10.

Earl Mitchell

The number one ranked DT for Week 10 was, a bit surprisingly, Earl Mitchell.  On his first game back from injury, Mitchell showed why he is important to the Miami defense.  He had 3 strong defensive stops credited to him, on his way to what might be considered “one of the best games of his career.

Ndamukong Suh

Suh ended up just barely behind Mitchell as the number 2 ranked DT in the league for Week 10.  He was disruptive against both the pass and run, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Suh a hit, a sack, two batted passes and a total of 4 defensive stops.  You couldn’t ask more from your star DT.

Overall Week 10 was full of many stars for the Miami Dolphins, from their QB and leader, Ryan Tannehill, to their star DT, Ndamukong Suh.   With Week 11 upon us and several injuries plaguing the Dolphins, the fans should still take this list as something to give us hope and optimism.  If we can have league leaders like this every game we play, then nothing can stop us from continuing our winning streak….not injuries on our line nor an opposing rookie QB.

This is our time and fans can be confident that while we had 4 players on PFF’s “Team of the Week”, as far as this writer is concerned, our Dolphins as a team are the REAL team of the week.  Phins Up!

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