Campbell’s Impact on Dolphins’ Tight Ends

It seemed inevitable one week ago that the promotion of Tight Ends Coach, Dan Campbell to Interim Head Coach would have a direct impact on the production of Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims. Heading in to the week 6 matchup against the Titans, Cameron and Sims had combined for a grand total of 14 catches for 176 yards over 5 weeks. This isn’t only unimpressive, it’s downright unacceptable. To be fair, Sims was injured weeks 2-4. However, this doesn’t explain how two large, receiving Tight Ends can struggle to this degree 5 weeks in to the regular season.

Last week Coach Campbell made it a point to emphasize a new level of toughness as he took the helm as Interim Head Coach. With so much on Campbell’s plate as HC, many began to wonder if he would still be able to adequately prepare the Tight Ends for Sunday’s matchup with the Titans. As we saw on Sunday, Campbell didn’t hesitate the slightest bit in targeting his large Tight Ends in the red-zone. Both Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims found the end-zone for the first time this season, finishing the game with a combined 7 catches for 63 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Cameron still needs to knock off some dust as he had key drops in Sunday’s contest that are unacceptable at the NFL level. Having said that, it appears all signs are pointing upward for these two athletic, receiving Tight Ends. With Campbell leading the charge, one can only presume both Cameron and Sims will continue to see their fair share of targets. Unlike receivers, the value of a tight end isn’t measured by targets or receiving yards. The value of a successful NFL tight end is measured by their ability to block and score in the red-zone. If Cameron and Sims can help Tannehill convert on more 3rd downs, that alone will do wonders for the productivity of this offense.

Jake Stoneburner continues to develop as well but it seems likely that Sims is the future tight end of this team. After releasing Semisch and Lynch in preseason, Miami lacks depth at the tight end position. Therefore, Sims’ and Cameron’s ability to stay healthy will be extremely vital to the success of this team. While the Dolphins continue to develop Sims and Stoneburner, they would be wise to start actively scouting all potential tight end draft prospects for next season.

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