Coach Adam Gase: A New Era…

Miami Dolphins head coach Adam Gase spoke at the NFL Owners Meetings on March 22, 2016 discussing a mixture of subjects concerning the team and his coaching so far. The Miami Dolphins are still searching for a running back after losing out on CJ Anderson and Chris Johnson. At the meeting, Gase was asked about the free agency and what the team has done. He replied, “I like the additions we’ve made. I know we have lost some good players. That’s part of the challenge of free agency.”

Adam Gase has said in the past that he wants stronger relationships with his players, especially their QB, Ryan Tannehill. Gase understands how vital a QB is to a team, and how every other player needs to be in agreement with each other to make the team work as a whole. Their last coach, Joe Philbin, wasn’t as personable, and some believe this may have caused the team to not perform their best. Gase was asked about his enthusiasm and building relationships with his players and he said, “That’s the hardest part right now about where we are at in the dead period. You can’t talk football. … You avoid any kind of football conversation but just kind of getting to learn those guys as people.” If he can develop a trust between the coach and players and develop a personal relationship with them first then hopefully that will make the players want to play their hearts out for him, kind of the way they felt for former Interim Head coach Dan Campbell.

One of Miami’s newest additions is former Buffalo Bills Defensive End and four time Pro Bowler Mario Williams. Gase spoke about Williams and his 2015 season,. “It’s hard for me to speak on what happened somewhere else. I just know that I’m excited he’s with us. We went against him two years when he was rolling pretty good and that defense was tough to go against. We’re excited to get him back to playing like he did in 2013 (and 2014).

Gase is confident with his team and he knows what needs to be accomplished in this next season and is prepared to work closely with his players to assure a team with better communication. Coach Gase has a proven track record of getting the best out the players he is working with and if he can have that same success with the Dolphins then we can only improve from the woes of the 2015 season.

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