Coach Gase Says “You’re Fired!” to 4 Players

Coach Adam Gase has had enough and is making sure the whole Miami Dolphins team knows that he means business.  In Week 3, after their only win this year, against the Cleveland Browns, Gase said,

I’m over discussing any of this stuff with players….We’re either going to start getting the job done, or we’re going to make changes.”

Since that one ugly win, the Dolphins have gone on to lose two more times in embarrassing games against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Tennessee Titans.   After those loses, Miami and Coach Gase are at the end of their rope and have decided it is time to make some of those changes Gase promised and have let go of four players in one day.

In an interview Monday, Coach Gase made it clear that he blames much of the team’s offensive woes on the ineptitude of their offensive line.   Therefore it is not surprising to find out that 3 of the 4 players released were offensive linemen.  Both Billy Turner and Dallas Thomas have been released as well as Jamil Douglas.   Anyone that has been following the team knows that Thomas and Turner have been struggling to do their jobs for a long time. In last week’s game against the Titans, Turner allowed 3 sacks, 2 QB hits and 4 QB hurries and was ranked by Pro Football Focus as the worst player at any position in the entire NFL for Week 5. Thomas wasn’t much better and Douglas was only a backup on the practice squad who hasn’t shown enough to be worth keeping.

Running back Isaiah Pead was the fourth player to be cut.   He has struggled most of the season with a hamstring injury and only has 8 carries for 22 yards.  With Ajayi, Foster and Williams all mostly struggling behind our weak o-line, there was no reason to keep a 4th underperforming back on the roster.

Adam Gase has said all along that he is not afraid to make the hard calls and only wants players who are doing their job on this team.  He has already benched players for poor play and now has shown that he is not afraid to cut anyone who isn’t right for the Dolphins organization.

This should send a clear message to all of our remaining players that if they can’t play at the level they are supposed to, then Coach Gase isn’t afraid to channel his inner-Trump and tell them, “You’re Fired!”



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