Dion Jordan: The Comeback Kid?

Besides family, friends, and of course the fans, there is no greater hype-man for a professional athlete than their agent.

After a year long-hiatus following his third NFL suspension (violation of drug policy), former GM Jeff Ireland’s love-child of the 2013 Draft, Dion Jordan has finally resurfaced seemingly ready to make his re-re-reintroduction to the NFL.

The 26-year old’s agent, Doug Hendrickson, tweeted recently, calling Jordan the “comeback player of the year.”

Eligible for reinstatement, as of late April, if approved by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the former third overall pick could return to the Dolphins before training camp.

While rumors have circulated the internet that Dion Jordan has been training in preparation for the 2016 season, we can now put those rumors to rest. Founder of Empower Concept, Tareq Azim, posted a photo of Jordan in the gym. Empower, which is located in San Francisco, hosts stars around the professional sports world like running back Marshawn Lynch and former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields.

While fans may feel weary of Dion Jordan’s return, as Kevin Nogel of Phinsider explains, the move is very win-win for the Miami Dolphins:

Jordan’s suspension plays games with his contract, entering a legal term where the contract is said to have “tolled,” which is essentially making it so the 2015 season did not happen, and keeping him in the third year of the contract. That would mean that Jordan’s salary cap hit from 2015 – which was not applied due to his being suspended for the year – would become his salary cap hit in 2016 ($5.36 million), with his $3.22 million hit moving to 2017. (To further explain, the salary cap pro-rate still counted in 2015, which accounted for a $3.07 million cap number for the Dolphins, but no salary counts, and in 2017, because the signing bonus was already accounted for over the original four-years of the contract, there would be no signing bonus pro-rated amount in the final season of his contract, which is why his cap number goes down in 2017, while his salary and roster bonus increase.) Miami could elect to cut or trade Jordan once he is reinstated, or they could keep him, looking to find a role for a player who could still have potential, or, cynically, they could hold on to him, see if he fails another drug test, and then gain back the entire salary cap hit

With Mario Williams and Cameron Wake both over the age of 30, the defensive end and potential outside linebacker, could enter into his fourth season in the league as a valuable addition of depth to the Miami Dolphins’ defense. Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, who served as DB coach during his time in Cincinnati, could be a positive influence on Jordan. It was Joseph who helped to reincarnate the career of Adam “Pacman” Jones who, much like Jordan, struggled to stay out of trouble early in his career.

Since being drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 2013, Dion Jordan has played in 26 total games, but he has been suspended for 22.

One thought on “Dion Jordan: The Comeback Kid?

  • May 6, 2016 at 6:19 PM

    Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they’re young. The media needs to leave this man alone so he can prepare to feed and take care of his family. DJ, if you’re lucky enough to be reinstated; you better Growup! I’m very hopeful for you as many thousands of fans. Cut the chatter by hard work & making the cheddar you family needs, MAN UP! Like it or not… Start being a man, husband, and father by providing for your family. Do or do not.


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