Dolphins In The Duel

Ryan Tannehill:  Cost $6,700, 16.3 PPG
Last 3: 14.96, 15.04, 15.84

Tannehill continues to be useless as far as FanDuel goes. His 14.98 points came off of 329 passing yards and he even added 28 rushing yards. Those are definitely not bad numbers, but his inability to get into the endzone continues to be an anchor on his scores. Tannehill only had 2 passing TDs in his last four games. Last week, Tannehill was a pass and this week is no different. He will be facing the New England Patriots, who will be playing tough because they need a win to get that top seed. Bill Belichick’s defense did a great job of shutting down Tannehill the last time they played. In the week 8 match-up, Tannehill had 300 yards, 2 interceptions, and 0 touchdowns. That amounted to a total of 9.9 fantasy points on FanDuel. Expect much of the same in this game, and steer clear of Ryan Tannehill.

Projection: 13.9
Pass or Play: Pass


Lamar Miller: Cost $6,500, 13.4 PPG
Last 3: 15.2, 3.4, 20.9

Miller had a better game than we predicted last week. The last Dolphins In The Duel had him pegged at just over 6 points. His 31 rushing yards, 36 receiving yards, and 1 touchdown gave him a useful 15.2 fantasy points. This week, he takes on New England who has given up only 98.9 rush yards per game, which is the 8th best in the league. Last time Milller saw this defense, he had a total of 34 yards from scrimmage, but was able to get into the endzone once. His 11.9 points from that game still didn’t make him a good start. This match-up won’t be much different and Miller will still be a Pass.

Projection: 12.1
Pass or Play: Pass


Jarvis Landry: Cost $7,200, 14 PPG
Last 3: 14.6, 9.4, 15.4

Start of the Week

Jarvis Landry had a big game last week. He had 7 catches for 111 yards on 11 targets. Too bad that only amounted to 14.6 fantasy points because he can’t score a touchdown. In fact, Landry hasn’t scored a touchdown in four straight weeks. He still has put up decent numbers, but a touchdown would make him a must start. Landry only put up 10.1 points the last time he faced the Patriots, but this game is in Miami. New England seems to struggle in Miami and the Dolphins have the chance to make their hated rivals’ playoff run much harder. Expect them to play harder in this game. Landry gets the Start of the Week this week, but it is only because he is one of the only players worth starting on this roster right now.

Projection: 18.2
Pass or Play: Play


DeVante Parker: Cost $5,900, 3.7 PPG
Last 3: 11.3, 10.7, 2.6

The rookie wide out has been solid since he has been starting, but isn’t consistent enough yet to be a regular starter on FanDuel. Not only has Parker seen nearly half the targets that Landry has in the last three weeks, he has also caught less than half of those targets while Landry has brought in over 66% of his. Parker has great talent, but he is not a starter in his first game against the Pats.

Projection: 9.8

Pass or Play: Pass


Jordan Cameron: Cost $4,700, 4.4 PPG
Last 3: 4.9, 1, 5

Cameron is a talented tight end, but Cameron doesn’t see enough action to be a viable starter. He hasn’t gotten more than three targets per game in five straight games. His targets are unlikely to triple this week so he isn’t worth a start.

 Prediction: 4.1
Pass or Play: Pass


Andrew Franks: Cost $4,700, 4.7 PPG
Last 3: 6, 2, 6

Franks continues to be accurate, but just like Jordan Cameron, he doesn’t get enough opportunities to score fantasy points. Even with his low price, he just doesn’t score enough to earn a Play.

Prediction: 4

Pass or Play: Pass


Miami Defense: Cost $4,200, 6.4 PPG
Last 3: 3, 4, 1

In their last game, the Miami defense only scored 3 fantasy points and that was against the 29th ranked offense in the NFL.. This week they play against the 4th best offense in the league. This is a hard pass on this defense.

Prediction: 2
Pass or Play: Pass

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