The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Dolphins vs. Eagles

“The Gang goes to Philly”

After a long week of practice in the “City of Brotherly Love”, The Miami Dolphins (1-2) closed out their preseason vacation to Philadelphia with a loss on Thursday Night to the Eagles.

On offense, Jay Cutler finished 5-of-8 for 105 yards and a touchdown before calling it a night.
The 34-year-old QB looked in regular season form outside of his first possession fumble. DeVante Parker, who I’ve ranted about all offseason, WILL be the leader of the WR pack in 2017. He did little to disappoint. The 3rd year receiver, recorded two passes for 78 yards, including the highlight of the night, a 72-yarder from Cutler.

Defensively, well that’s another story. Writing this late Friday afternoon, I’ve watched the game for a second time now, and the only word I can find for the defense is “resilient”.

At times the pass defense looked lost – lacking any sort of communication.  Their confusion led to a Torrey Smith uncovered 50-yard touchdown. That score was quickly followed up by another touchdown to Cutler’s former No.1, Alshon Jeffery.

But then, just when you wanna say, “wow this defense doesn’t look good”, boom, resiliency. DT Jordan Phillips, who has seemed to struggle throughout training camp, picks off a tipped ball from Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz and runs the ball down to the 3 yard line, which set up a Jay Ajayi touchdown run.

Overall, I don’t think it’s time to worry, yet. The problems that we all see I can guarantee coach Adam Gase sees as well. Forget what people say about preseason week-3, and remember this. Both coaches cared less about the W, and more about who makes the roster. The only true takeaway I take from week-3 is, thank god no one else was added to the IR.

The Good

Jay Ajayi –

One of the main reasons I love football, is growth, and good lord has Jay Ajayi grown into a hell of a player in a short amount of time. From being left home on week-1, for then starter Arian Foster to finishing the season with 1,272 yards from scrimmage, the J-Train has come a long way.

Ajayi rushed for 53 yards on nine carries and two touchdown against the Eagles. All good signs for the Miami Dolphins’ offense.

Jakeem Grant –

Mighty Mouse looked mighty good on Thursday night. Coach Adam Gase made it clear he wants Jakeem Grant more involved in the offense.  The former Texas tech star proved he’s worthy of that opportunity.

Grant appeared to be tackle proof as he spun right out of the hands of two defenders, keeping his feet churning, before he was off to the races for a 59-yard touchdown.

The Bad

Laremy Tunsil –

The former first round pick did not look in season form last night.

Laremy Tunsil was not only the lowest graded offensive player for the Dolphins on Thursday, according to Pro Football Focus. He was also the main cause of Jay Cutler’s only blemish last night — a first possession fumble in which DE Vinny Curry was left untouched for the sack and forced fumble.

I’m not worried about Tunsil come season start, but the hit on Jay Cutler’s surgically repaired shoulder is never a good thing to see.

The Ugly

Blown Coverage & Byron Maxwell –

Blown coverage & Bryon Maxwell went together like peanut butter and jelly. Maxwell capped off a week in which he boasted “yes” the Eagles missed him at DB, by getting absolutely demolished in coverage on three separate plays. Maxwells desire to prove the Eagles, “messed up” was not put on display during a 50-yard touchdown to a WIDE OPEN Torrey Smith.

The play lead to safety Reshad Jones giving a piece of his mind to Maxwell after the blown coverage. Overall the moral of the story is don’t talk, unless you are certain you can back it up!

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