The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Dolphins Vs. Patriots

All I do is win, win, win – T-Pain

The final 27-20 score indicates another tough game between The New England Patriots (10-3) and the Miami Dolphins (6-7). However, the actual outcome of the “battle of the brains” is that Adam Gase completely out-coached Bill Belichick.

Oh…. And I mean it when I say flat-out out coached!

Offensively, the game ball should be cut in thirds and divided between Kenyan Drake, Jarvis Landry and Jay Cutler.

Drake, who is firmly in the starting position since the trade of Jay Ajayi, was outstanding once more in Week-14. For a second straight week, he put together an excellent performance with 191 total yards from scrimmage, including 114 yards rushing.

As for Cutler, I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again! When the man is on… HE IS ON!

The 34-year old veteran went 25-of-38 for 263 yards with three touchdowns and zero interceptions. It was not only Cutler’s best game as a Dolphin, it was also his first win against the Patriots.

Defensively, the team was on fire. They played aggressive man-coverage throughout the night and kept pressure on the five-time Super Bowl champion QB, which equated to Tom Brady’s lowest QBR rating since 2013.

The Dolphins’ playoff chances are slim but still a possibility. While the only real scenario of Adam Gase reaching a back-to-back playoff berth requires the Dolphins to win out the remainder of the season, there’s still a chance.

Get ready to freeze Dolphins fans, because next week we head to the frozen tundra, and the toilet of New York. Buffalo!

The Good

Kenyan Drake

After turning off the TV last night to head off to bed, something dawned on me; the Jay Ajayi trade actually makes a lot of sense after watching Kenyan Drake within the last few weeks.

Drake, who has now made my “Good” list for two weeks in a row, once again showed he can be a dynamic aspect to the Dolphins arsenal, both in the air and on the ground.

The second year man out of Alabama notched 191 total yards in Week-14, becoming the first Dolphin in more than ten years to have 100+ rushing yards and 75+ receiving yards in a single game.

Since the Jay Ajayi trade, Ajayi has struggled while Kenyan Drake is blossoming into a star. Maybe the coaches actually do know what they are doing, though fellow DSR Owner Nick Ludvigsen would strongly disagree.

Xavien Howard

Xavien “Ballhawk” Howard has been slowly becoming a staple of the surging Miami Dolphins defense. In Week-14 he became the star. According to Finszone, in the last three weeks, Howard has allowed two catches on 17 targets, with zero yards after catch, four interceptions and four pass breakups.

In layman’s terms he is playing great. In the words of Reshad Jones, “He’s balling”.

The Bad

Jordan Philips Injury

After a solid two game stretch, it is a true shame to see a player go down from a play he considered “dirty”.

Jordan Philips, who recorded one sack and one tackle, went down late in the fourth quarter due to what he considered a dirty hit.

In the video below you will see Patriots offensive lineman David Andrews dive at Philips feet on a running back screen. Dirty or not? You be the judge.

The Ugly

New England’s Onside Kick

Worst onside kick of all time?

Stephen Gostkowski, “Hold My Beer”.

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