The Campbell Effect

The Miami Dolphins organization once again found themselves in the headlines of the news this past week, but for the first time all season, the three and outs suffered were actually a positive. After undergoing a very underwhelming (1-3) start, both head coach Joe Philbin and defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle were relieved of their duties, and like so many season before, the rebuild in Miami begins again. With all ends must come new beginnings right? For Dan Campbell, Miami’s former tight end coach and Loe Anarumo, former defensive back coach, the tasks they’ve been handed are tall ones; breathe lifeblood in a team struggling to find its identity and do this while moving into the toughest part of your season. If they cannot complete this task, they will surely suffer the same fate their predecessors did.

From day one of the Campbell era, most fans picked up on one thing, the Dolphins new head coach is far different then former coach Joe Philbin, beside the physical appearance. (Seriously, the guy looks like he could still be in the league) There’s no more babying Tannehill, no more practices where hits are discouraged, and Miami is now a place where players will be held accountable. So what is Campbell mission? Make this young team hard-hitting and aggressive on both sides of the ball; be feared. Miami’s first practice under Campbell showed signs of the aggression and fire that needed to be lit under this squad. Bull on the ball drills, scuffles between players, big hits, and even Oklahoma drills. All these are positives signs for a team who has looked lifeless weeks 1-4 and seemed to have little trust in their former coaching staff. Sure, haters are going to hate, it’s easy to see why some people may not agree with the fact a tight end coach with five years total experience (all as a tight end coach in Miami) would be handed a head coaching job? But why not, The Dolphins season is in shambles, giving the job to Campbell, a young coach who knows what the players feel, can help them use there oppressed emotions to motivate and mentor. Think of Todd Bowles, first year head coach of the New York Jets, Miami fans know him very well by now. Bowles was dismissed from his interim head coaching job he held for The Miami Dolphins in 2011 because he lacked experience, hence the Sparano/Philbin hiring’s, veteran coordinators for masterful offenses. From Miami, Bowles took his talents to Philadelphia then Arizona where Bowles turned the Cardinals defense into a legitimate top 5 during his time served. Flash to now, Sparano and Philbin have been fired as head coaches and Bowles has turned a 4-12 team into a legitimate playoff threat. My point? Miami thinks old. Parcels, Sherman all guys who were good, but as football evolves, they have lost their touch. Kind of sounds like the Dolphins right?

So cheers to you Campbell, it’s time to prove you are the guy for Miami, a stockpiled load of talent desperately looking for the right direction. If you can achieve this, you may find yourself to be the coach this organization never expected but so desperately needed.


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