If not Dan Campbell, then who?

Beautiful Miami, Florida – Easy living.
So easy in fact, that an 8 win season can save a coach’s job, and in some cases, it can even buy a three year extension. Someone had to pay for Joe Philbin’s 2.5 million dollar mansion, right?

The Miami Dolphins blunder of coaches has been a hard pill to swallow. After years of solidarity in the early 70’s and throughout the 90’s, the Y2K bug struck the Dolphins like a pillowcase filled with bars of soap, and Miami’s revolving door of coaches began. Since the departure of Dave Wannstedt in 2004, the Miami Dolphins have replaced 6 head coaches and have only reached the playoffs once within the 11 year span. From “Alleged” coaching gurus (Saban) to fiery offensive coordinators, nothing has seemed to stick, leaving Stephen Ross and fans alike waiting for their savior.

Has the Miami Dolphins savior been right in front of Ross’s face the entire time?

Campbell’s coaching style has been and will be to implement physicality and toughness to a team built almost entirely on trickery and finesse. While it hasn’t always been pretty, The Dolphins have gotten better as Campbell has slowly but surely started to learn how to balance the harmonies of both a physical play style with the finesse of his mostly under-sized line-up.

The Dolphins have gaping holes in their line up regardless who’s the head coach. Period. Holes so prevalent that even the great Don Shula would be left smoking a cigar on his lanai, wondering how the season went so wrong. The big difference between a coach like Shula and Miami’s former coaches of the 2000’s? Great coaches learn to adapt to their situation. Campbell’s final 8 games of the season should be judged soley on If he can make this Miami Dolphins team work to his coaching abilities, rather than basing his performance on the Dolphins win/loss column.

If Miami ownership decides to turn off the Metallica, telling Dan Campbell to pack up his truck and get the hell out of Miami, the revolving door once again keeps spinning. Coaches that weren’t able to win elsewhere certainly won’t start magically winning once they make it to Miami. Dan Campbell has the potential to be the coach of the Miami Dolphins future, which begs the question “if not Dan Campbell, then who”?

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