Miami Should Move On Without Stills

Early in this free agency cycle, reports have emerged that Miami’s wide receiver, Kenny Stills, is being valued as high as $12 million per year heading into free agency. Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported that the Eagles are a “likely landing spot” if he does not return to the Dolphins.

I am going to go ahead and make this clear for anyone who believes that Miami should pay $12 million a year for Stills. At best, Stills is worth $7-$8 million per year. If a team were to overpay him, he may be worth $9 million, and that is a stretch for his services.

Please note that, personally, I believe Stills is a good receiver. In his second year with the Dolphins, Stills proved to be a deep-threat for quarterback, Ryan Tannehill as he hauled in nine touchdowns. The problem is his overall production does not merit a $12 million per year deal.

When Miami signed Mike Wallace in 2013, they signed a receiver who played in 63 games and recorded 4,042 receiving yards, 235 receptions, and 32 touchdowns in his four years with the Steelers. In Stills’s first four years, he recorded 2,738 receiving yards, 164 receptions, 20 touchdowns and also played in 63 games. It is also worth noting that his first two years were under a pass-heavy offense in New Orleans with Drew Brees as quarterback.

Wallace’s contract was for $60 million over six years, an average of $10 million a year. If there was speculation that Wallace was not deserving of this sort of money, why would anyone consider paying Stills $12 million a year? The fact is, a signing of this amount would not be a reflection of Stills’s abilities as a receiver, rather a reflection of a team overpaying for a player due to a need for a certain position that they deem is of the utmost importance.

The Eagles have stated that they are in dire need of a receiver that can stretch the field. Stills had one good season with Miami where he still was not able to eclipse a 1,000 yards receiving (726 to be exact). Yet, Philadelphia could be giving him $12 million a year because he has speed. I will say this now, if Stills receives a contract of that magnitude, that team will have a Mike Wallace situation in the making. Let the man get paid, just not paid from us.

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