Ryan Tannehill Injured at Training Camp

**** LATEST UPDATE – 9:15am – 08/04 ****

There are currently conflicting reports as to the status of Tannehill and his knee.  Yesterday it was said that the MRI showed no structural damage to the ligaments of the knee, and that recovery might only be a few weeks.  However, reports have surfaced this morning that some sources say Tannehill and the Dolphins are fearing he will need season-ending surgery on his knee.   Other doctors are supposed to be examining the MRI and Tannehill’s knee later today.  More updates to follow.

After Ryan Tannehill injured his knee last season, Dolphins fans have been holding their collective breaths the entire off-season. Everyone has been wondering how well Tannehill’s knee healed and whether it can hold up without limiting his mobility. Well, unfortunately, our answer may be coming sooner than expected and not in the way we wanted.

Just after 9:00am today, reports started coming from Miami’s training camp that Tannehill went down with a possible injury to the same leg he hurt in the Arizona game last year. During 11-on-11 drills, Tanehill scrambled towards the sideline for a first down and ended up collapsing on his braced leg. Reports from teammates are that he was down for about 15 seconds before being helped up by trainers. He went immediately to the locker room, accompanied by multiple trainers. Though the trainers went with him, he walked to the locker room under his own power, sporting a noticeable limp.

No one knows yet whether something else happened to the same knee he hurt last year. It is possible it was just an awkward fall on the brace with no problem with the knee. It is also possible that he tweaked his ankle or another part of his leg. At this point, we can continue to hold out hope for the best. The worst case scenario would be a re-injury to the ACL or MCL of his left knee. If this is the case, everyone will likely be second-guessing Tannehill and the team’s decision not to have surgery on the original injury.

After a strong, productive, and promising off-season for the Dolphins, this would be a very tough blow. Tannehill has emerged as a strong team leader and has been building on the chemistry he has with his offensive weapons. Fans, and even the sports media, have been getting excited about what we might see from this team when the season starts. A serious injury to Ryan could throw all of that into question.

**** LATEST UPDATE – 10:55am ****

Some sources are now saying that it is actually some type of injury to Tannehill’s left knee, but this has yet to be confirmed. No one knows yet how bad the injury is.

The Dolphins’ back-up QB is Matt Moore, who filled in the last three games last year after Tannehill’s injury. He did a pretty good job in limited action, but many are unsure if he can lead the team and be productive as a starter for the entire season.   The energy and excitement level at practice is said to have immediately plummeted after Tannehill went down this morning. However, Moore stepped in and connected with Stills on a 55-yard TD pass shortly afterwards, so maybe that is a good sign if the worst happens.

The other options for the Phins are their 3rd and 4th string QBs, Brandon Doughty and David Fales. In addition, they could look to free agency. Colin Kaepernick and RG3 are both names that have instantly appeared in Dolphins blogs, forums, and Facebook groups. Either of those players might fit into the Dolphins’ scheme, but both would come with baggage. They would also have a very short time to learn a new system.

Until we know the extent of Ryan Tannehill’s newest injury, all fans can do is continue to hold our breath. Let’s all pray for Ryan, and hope that the difficult decision of who to put in his place never has to be made.

More updates to follow as we learn them.

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