The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Dolphins vs. Colts

Interim Head coach Dan Campbell is now 4-7. The Dolphins are now 66-93 in the past decade. There’s no Philbin, no more Coyle, no more Bill Lazor and yet the problems that have run rampant for years in Miami are exactly the same. Who can the blame be put on this time, and who exactly can fix them?In the increasingly emptying Sunlife stadium, hope was bleak, fans were visually upset, and the end result of week 16 left the morale in Miami absolutely decimated.

The Dolphins showed the good people of Miami their area of expertise this season: How to lose a football game.

The 5-10 Miami Dolphins have lost three straight, not since 2011 has the organization suffered a double-digit loss season, until now.

Sunday’s 18-12 loss to the Indianapolis Colts was just another vile reminder of how badly this team needs to be fixed. The defense yet again fell apart; 32 year old Frank Gore looked as if he’d drank from the Fountain of Youth as he averaged 5.7 yards per carry, scoring twice. Quarterback Andrew Luck, no sorry, I mean his back up Matt Hasselbeck and 3rd string Qb Charlie Whitehurst shredded the secondary, as the Dolphins struggled to cover receiver and pressure the aging backup. Mistakes were once again a giant highlight of the defenses day.

What about the Dolphins Offense? Well, that wasn’t too great either. Rookie Jamil Douglas made his start at center, which ended miserably after a miscued snap on fourth and goal, sealed the Dolphins fate. Jason Fox gave up a safety, tying Miami for the most safeties in an NFL season (4).

Multiple sources told the Miami Herald last week, there was blood in Tannehill’s urine, which is not surprising considering the beating he’s endured recently. Sunday’s six sacks mark RT17’s 183rd sack in the NFL, which is the highest sack total of any quarterback since 2012.

All and all, the Dolphins were (and are) just plain bad, in a game that meant nothing; Miami’s loss actually meant everything about the future of the organization.

Resistance is futile, a rebuild is inevitable; The Dolphins will once more need to go back to the drawling board and fix the underlying problems that have haunted this team for most of the millennium.

One positive note: Congrats to the 1972 Miami Dolphins, time to pop that champagne and celebrate. Your legacy continues to live on, many have tried, but only one has succeeded in an undefeated season. Thank you for shaping the rich history and culture this franchise has built in its 50 years in the NFL.

The Good

Jarvis Landry– Week 16 was a monumental week for the sophomore receiver out of LSU. Landry’s 188 catches in two seasons is the most of any receiver. His 100 receptions this season is the most of any Dolphins receiver in a season, and Juice also hit 1,000 yards on the season with his 7 receptions for 111 yards. (First Miami Dolphins receiver with 100 receptions and 1,000 yards).

Oh, and Jarvis Landry also had the catch of the year.

Tannehill’s toughness– Question his abilities all you want, but my God don’t question this kid’s toughness. Hit after hit Tannehill kept pushing forward in a very Rocky-esque performance week 16. “He could barely catch his breath in the huddle after some of the hits” a teammate stated after the game. Tannehill could have easily called it a day after taking a nasty leg whip; no one would have blamed him. But Tannehill stuck it out, showing resilience and toughness that cannot go unmentioned.

The Bad

Jamil Douglas– The rookie did a solid job in an unnatural position, unfortunately he also made the biggest mistake of the day, which cost the Dolphins a win. On 4th and Goal with 23 seconds left, Douglas made a giant mental error snapping the ball on a double cadence, a play which was meant to make Indianapolis show their cards ended in multiple defenders breaking through the line untouched for a sack, (6th time on the day) and ending the Dolphins final chance to win the game.

The Ugly

Saying Goodbye to Dan Campbell– What an abrupt ending to the Dan Campbell hype train. After a remarkable 2-0 start, the Dolphins “Campbell adrenaline” wore off and the team lost 7 of their last 9 games. Sure, Campbell will more than likely get an interview, and he’s done a commendable job for the situation he was put it. But, with unfavorable play calls, poor clock management, and an overwhelmingly lopsided W to L record, its highly unlikely the former tight end coach has any shot at the soon to be vacant head coaching position in Miami.

Miko’s Twitter tirade– I’ll put it this way. It’s clear Ryan Tannehill will not be invited to the next Grimes cookout. Miko lost her mind on Twitter this weekend during and after the Dolphins loss, and wow, she held nothing back. The posts are extremely NSFW, so read with caution. Below is a link to the epic Miko rant.




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