The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Dolphins vs. Jets

Plug your nose Dolphins fans, because the remnants of the foul, depleted carcass that used to be the Miami Dolphins have been picked to the bone by the vultures who rule the AFC East. Week 12 the Dolphins once more showcased their flaws in a lopsided 38-20 loss to the jets. 12 yards rushing, poor tackling, and troubles during 3rd down on both sides of the ball outshined what little the Miami Dolphins did well. At 4-7 on the season (0-5 in the division), the playoff picture is gone; washed away somewhere on the shore of South Beach and it’s likely Interim Coach Dan Campbell will be “Cast Away” as well.

The offense was stagnant, the defense outmatched, and the coaching strategy a bust. At the end of the day the Miami Dolphins are far from a winning team. Players have regressed, the Lazor system is failing, and Miami is lucky to be a four-win team.

Throw away your travel plans for the playoffs fans, and get ready to head to Chicago. You have a top 10 draft pick to cheer on now, folks.


The Good  

Jarvis Landry– Jarvis Landry’s sophomore season can only be described in one word; “outstanding”. Landry, who was questionable on Friday due to a knee injury, fought through the pain, and finished week 12 posting both a game high 13 receptions, and a career high in yardage (165). The Dolphins do-it-all receiver is on pace for his first 1,000 yard season, and has continued to be one of the only bright spots on the Dolphins’ failing offense.


DeVante Parker– Miami’s first round draft pick finally got his chance to shine, and DeVante Parker did just that. Parker, who entered week 12 without recording a single catch since September 27th, recorded 4 catches for 80 yards and a touchdown; all career highs. Though Parker still needs time to develop his craft, Parkers’ performance at the Meadowlands warrants high praise for the former Louisville standout.


The Bad

Miami’s Run Game– When the Miami Dolphins abandon the run game, the Miami Dolphins abandon their chance to win. Simple as that! In games Lamar Miller has had 13 carries or more, the Miami Dolphins are 4-0. In games the Lamar Miller has 12 carries or less, the Dolphins are 0-7. Lamar Miller had 5 carries this week for 2 yards!

The Miami Dolphins rank last in rushing attempts and 4th in yards per carry. Whether it is coaching, deficit in the score, or even lack of protection at the line, the Miami Dolphins need to address the problem, implementing a run game to balance their offense and take the pressure off of their struggling QB.

The Ugly

3rd down efficiency – Have you ever heard the saying “If I had a dollar for every time…” Well, if I had a dollar for every time the Dolphins didn’t convert on third down, I’d easily be able to drown my Dolphins sorrows in alcohol week to week for free. Miami entered week 12, ranked 31st in 3rd down completion (27.8 %) completing 115 of 32. The Dolphins lived up to their 31st ranking completing 4-of-15 Sunday, completing their first 3rd down late in the 3rd quarter.

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