The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Dolphins vs. Texans

re·in·car·na·tion-” the rebirth of a soul in a new body”.

For the Miami Dolphins, week six now seems to be the start of a true reincarnation of the 2015 season. The lifeless, struggling Dolphins team that had such high hopes during their offseason, were sinking into an oblivion of desolate despair; seeking for anyone or anything that could help them overcome the problems that had run rampant on their 1-3 season. The feeling in Miami is very different following the game in week seven. Optimistic is the best way to describe where the now .500 Dolphins sit. Under new coach Dan Campbell, Miami is now 2-0 and crushing any team that gets in their way. The final result of week 7 was a 44-26 beat down in which season highs, franchise highs, and NFL records have fans everywhere believing in the “Campbell Effect,” and in the 3-3 Dolphins.

The Good

Ryan Tannehill– On October 25, 2015, Quarterback Ryan Tannehill set a NFL record by completing 25 consecutive passes, beating out the previous record set (24) by former Philadelphia Eagle Donovan McNabb in 2004. Tannehill was absolutely outstanding Sunday, finishing the game with a 158.3 passer rating (18-19, 282 yards, 4 TD). The 4th year QB set another record in week 7 by having “the highest completion percentage (94.7) for any QB in a game in which he threw at least four TD passes”, according to Elias. Miami’s offense is firing on all cylinders and a big part of that stems from the productivity of the Dolphins QB. Next Thursday’s game against the Patriots will truly show just how far this offense has come since week 1.

Lamar Miller– Much like the Dolphins starting Quarterback, Miami’s running back, Lamar Miller dazzled for hometown fans in a career high game in which he ran for over 12.5 yards per carry. Miller not only finished the game with 14 carries for 175 yards and a touchdown, but also caught a beautiful screen from Tannehill, which Miller took 54 yards to the house. Miller’s rejuvenation comes at a perfect time for the Dolphins as they close in on the hardest part of their schedule. If Miller can average 59 yards per game for the remaining 10 games he will become the 3rd running back in Dolphins history to rush for repeat 1,000 yard seasons.

Jarvis Landry– “Mr. YAC”
The Juice was set loose this week and did little to disappoint fans in his spectacular performance. No receiving touchdowns this season, no problem! Landry started his day nicely with a pass that easily could have been converted for the first down and a 20-yard gain, but that’s not what Landry does! “Juice” juked and jived his way from one end of the field to the other, making it look easy as he sprawled his way into the end zone for a 50-yard touchdown. But Landry wasn’t done just quite yet. On the Dolphins ensuing drive into the red zone, Tannehill connected with his go to man for a 10 yard score, putting the Dolphins up 21-0 in the first quarter and giving Jarvis Landry his second TD of the day. Landry is starting to make his name known as an elite receiver in the league.

The Bad

Jamar Taylor– I hate to “nit pick” a team that went into the half 41-0, but it’s my job so… I have to do it. After Brice McCain’s less then stellar few weeks I became very vocal on replacing him with 3rd year player out of Boise State, Jamar Taylor. But now that Taylor has seen his role increased these last two weeks due to McCain’s injury, I am not really sure anymore. While Grimes did a fantastic job shutting down DeAndre Hopkins, Taylor did a less then stellar job covering Nate Washington. Washington finished the game with 9 catches, 127 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Miami has struggled to find a legitimate CB2 for the past few years, and it seems the search may continue.

The Ugly

Penalties– Miami was, at one point, amongst the lowest penalized teams in the NFL. Where is that team now? The Dolphins have struggled this season with penalties and more importantly, penalties during 3rd down situations. The Dolphins are in the top 10 of all teams in penalty yards (412 yards). If Miami wants to become a playoff contender, they need to get their problems with penalties in check.

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