Week 8 Preview: Miami Vs Baltimore

Once again, the Fins win in unusual fashion. I’m 99 percent sure that every Miami fan (including myself) thought that game was over last Sunday when McCown through that touchdown late in the third quarter to put the Jets up by 14 points. Yet, somehow, someway Matt Moore is able to put up two touchdown drives while the defense takes care of the rest by holding New York scoreless in the fourth quarter.

Tonight, Miami will have to show that magic again as they battle against the Ravens. This is a team they have struggled mightily against for what seems like ten years now. Since this game is on such a short week, I will have to keep this week’s preview short and sweet on what Miami needs to do to put up their fourth straight win.


On defense I believe it’s pretty simple. They must be more consistent. Last Sunday, the Fin’s defense gave up some big plays simply because they were making boneheaded mistakes. Their first TD was given up because Tankersley blew his coverage assignment. The second TD was given up on a drive where Jordan Phillips failed to make a simple tackle on 3rd and 19! It seemed like this defense could not get it going until the fourth quarter, where they shut the Jets out. Tonight, should be better for the defense.

The Ravens are one of the worst offenses right now and they have injuries across the board. This is a situation where Miami can be amazing on defense but they can also have a head scratcher of a game like last Sunday. Due to the to the short time between their previous game, I believe this defense might seem a little slow tonight, but in the end, they will get the job done.


On offense it’s a different story. They have just been plain out pathetic. It seemed like this offense was gaining life with Jay Cutler at the beginning of the Jet’s game. Then they seemed to die out later in the second quarter. I know a lot of people want to give Matt Moore all the praise for bringing this offense back to life, but we literally saw the same scenario play out with Jay Cutler last week in Atlanta. If Moore does well tonight, great! That does not mean that Jay Cutler still shouldn’t be considered as the starter for this offense moving forward.

This is an attacking Raven’s defense. For Miami’s offense to be successful tonight, they will have to be just as aggressive. Miami should look at an even mix of run and pass to keep Baltimore on their toes. I feel like the play calling on offense will be the most crucial part for getting a victory.


I like how Miami has been able to come from behind late in games but I feel like they’ll need to be more consistent tonight to be victorious. With Matt Moore under center, I have no clue how this offense will perform, especially on such a short week. Miami is the more talented team, but I have made it clear that until this offense performs well for a full game, I will not be predicting them to win any more games. At this point I feel like it’s been the better choice. I enjoy seeing the Dolphins prove me wrong and I believe they can and possibly will do it again tonight. That is why I’m ‘ironically’ picking Baltimore to win tonight.

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